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You are here it mean you are searching for a guider who can guide you to give you some best sex tips for your fist sex night. Then you are on the right place. Before we proceeds further I want something from you, imagine such a situation when you are with you female/male partner on a single bed. Looking at each other forgot the rest all issue and problems of the world. Ready to dive into your partner arms. How romantic it will. at this point if you don’t know well enough about how to do a perfect safe sex. It becomes too embracing for both of you. But not worry any more about your sexual knowledge. We are here for giving you some of the best sexual advice and some best sex tips. Which help you a lot in your 1st sex time period.

So without wasting your time anymore let we come to the point:-

Don’t Kiss Her/him

Believe me either you are a male or a female you both don’t like if you or your partner kiss you in the middle of SEX. it can irritate you partner and make your partner out from comfort zone. So It is highly advisable to both of you to not try to kiss your partner during sex.

Bite Her/him before starting

Many people expect a naughty erotic animal come out from their partner to eat and bite them during their first sex. Biting your partner is a good signal to show your partner that you are ready and your inner sleeping animal wake up. I assured you if you apply this sex tips your sex time become unforgettable and pleasurable.  

Give Attention to All parts of your partner body

The focus on private parts of your partner body is great like lips, legs, breast etc. but you also give some attention towards your partner rest body parts like shoulder, forehead, hands, hair etc. this help in giving your partner for satisfaction and pleasure during sex. And make them more energetic and hungry towards you.

Not Put your all weight on your partner body

If you are a girl or a boy, putting you whole weight on your partner body is not a good manner to do sex. it make your partner difficult to take breath. If you are on the top of your partner then you should considered about your partner breath flow. Wrongly putting your weight on your partner body will make your sex time worst and not enjoyable.

Don’t treat sex like porn

Many people see porn videos before they are going to do sex. But there is a lot of different between sex and porn videos. Sex is something which happens with feelings and there are no feelings in porn videos. Sex is like pleasurable softer touch while porn video is just opposite to it. So give a high attention towards you and your partner’s feelings.


  1. Well I agreed with your all points that you mentioned there thanks or your advice this whole article make séance.

  2. Thank you so much for your efforts to words this. Defiantly I’m going to follow exact same process to satisfy my boyfriend.

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